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Philips Airfryer: Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside


Philips Airfryer: Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside

How Philips increases the awareness of the Airfryer with sponsored content and video

Every 4th person in Austria feels that their leisure time is stressful, and more than one third say that they feel significantly impaired by work-related stress, as the Allianz Stress Study 2017 shows. Hardly anybody has time left over to cook. What can we do if we still want to make sure that our diet is healthy, quick and versatile?

The Philips Airfryer, a hot air deep fryer for cooking and baking promises just that.

Content development for special buyer personas

“The objective was to increase the awareness of the Airfryer and the interest in purchasing. One important factor was to illustrate the versatile usages and advantages of the Airfryer. In addition, the measures were intended to produce recommendations to friends and acquaintances.”

Peter Bandion, responsible media consultant at styria digital one

Styria digital one and the responsible content marketing agency Styria Content Creation came up with four buyer personas for the product, potential representatives of the target group, so to speak:

  • mothers that want to cook healthy and quick meals for their children,
  • people that want to lose weight,
  • single that cook only for one person, and
  • professionals that want to prepare a quick lunch for themselves at the office.

Recipes, videos and product test to experiece the Airfryer

Several months of cooperation included different parts: As the first step, a dossier on ichkoche.at explained the functions of the Airfryer. In addition, 130 recipes were developed for the Airfryer to show the versatile usage options of the device. An own theme world was created with the recipes developed for the Airfryer.


Beyond that, users were prompted to test the Airfryer and share their opinion. The goal was to increase awareness about the product and generate brand advocates.

The Austrian blogger and vlogger Mother’s Finest showed how easy and fast cooking with the Airfryer is in several videos.

Beyond that, users were able to upload their best Airfryer moments in the KochAPP of ichkoche.at and win a Philips pasta maker in return.
The articles were distributed via the ichkoche.at Facebook page. Display ads, inReads and notes in the KochAPP created additional awareness.

Selected companies also received Airfryers and a poster with recipes to try.


Content campaign with impact

The campaign had proven success: More than 1.3 million people were reached with the articles on the Facebook pages of ichkoche.at and Mother´s Finest. The videos recorded more than 64,000 views, the text content had over 53,000 clicks.

arrowhead Facts about the campaign
1.3 million people were reached with the articles
64,000 video views
53,000 clicks on the text content

“The cooperation with styria digital one turned the Philips Airfryer into a topic of conversation and successfully positioned it as a kitchen device for healthy, fast and versatile nutrition. For us it is especially rewarding that the Airfryer has since become market leader in Austria.”

Erik Kruijer, Marketing lead personal health at Philips Austria

Mercury Award Logo
In addition, the campaign won Bronze at the MERCURY Awards in New York in the category “Promotion/Marketing: Product Awareness”.

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