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AEG Steam Ovens: Experience makes experts


AEG Steam Ovens: Experience makes experts

Why AEG trusts a food blogger to promote its steam ovens

What do sweet cheese dumplings, bread-crusted ham, and lasagna have in common? It’s true, they are all delicious—and even better if prepared in a steam oven. Today, the numerous benefits of steam cookers are widely known, but with so large a field of competitors, how do you convince foodies of your brand?

Such was the challenge for the international appliance manufacturer AEG and its advertising agency Zenith/Performics.


We soon realized that we needed to move away from presenting purely technical features but wanted to connect consumers to AEG's brand and products by highlighting customer experience. We saw authentic and entertaining communication as the key to success and a video series as the best vehicle to deliver it. Together with Austrian food blogger Alexandra Palla and styria digital one, who were in charge of production, we have achieved what we set out to do.

Christoph Kellner, Digital Account Lead with Performics

May we offer a bit more customer attention?

A total of five videos show Alexandra Palla preparing bread-crusted ham, sweet cheese dumplings with red berries or Asian style fish and zoodles using the AEG ProCombi Plus Steam Oven. The effect is natural and authentic.

For additional visibility the videos were promoted in newsletters and social media ads through ichkoche.at.


"We work with a number of bloggers and are not just responsible for video production and editing, but also for project management and content advertising to connect with the target group. The client's advantage is obvious: having a single entity to work instead of a number of agencies to oversee. This argument immediately convinced AEG to select us as their partner."

Peter Bandion, media consultant with styria digital one

The results are remarkable: the first three videos alone have been viewed on YouTube more than 54,000 times, which equals 161,000 minutes viewed. Users watched more than 50% of each video. From the first to the fourth video playback time increased by 43%.

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54,000 Views on YouTube
43% Increase the playback time

"It was important to us that our ProCombi Plus steam ranges were viewed differently,and that we shift the focus from technical details to the emotion and joy that accompany its use when cooking and baking. The videos produced by styria digital one starring Alexandra Palla manage to perfectly convey just that."

Martin Bekerle, Director of Marketing and PR at AEG

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