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Nespresso – The Positive Cup


Nespresso – The Positive Cup

How Nespresso attracts attention for its sustainability program through sponsored content

Regardless whether cappuccino, espresso, or latte macchiato is the drink of choice: nowadays it is no longer enough for coffee to taste great and look fabulous on Instagram. When it comes to coffee, more and more people want to know where it comes from, how it is made, and what happens to the capsules after use. They certainly are handy, but are these pods eco-friendly as well?

With “The Positive Cup” Nespresso has developed a sustainability program, hoping to take back 100% of aluminum capsules by 2020. This program is intended to help minimize the impact of Nespresso products on environment and society, and to advance positive change in these areas.

Thus the campaign’s goal was to inform consumers about the Nespresso recycling system and to effect positive image transfer.


Turbo performance with sponsored content and Facebook

Nespresso banked on sponsored content in the format of an editorial dossier at DiePresse.com/positive and kleinezeitung.at/positive. The article explained Nespresso’s sustainability program, its aluminum capsules, and its recycling system.

To raise awareness of the dossier among users, Nespresso mounted a campaign with site links and recommendation ads at DiePresse.com and kleinezeitung.at. In addition, the article was posted, shared, and advertised on the facebook pages of Die Presse and Kleine Zeitung.

The results are convincing: the campaign on DiePresse.com alone garnered a click rate of 1.33%. The Presse Facebook post was seen by more than 285.000 users, of which almost 12.000 clicked the link and nearly 13.000 interacted with the article, either liking it, reacting to it, commenting on it, or sharing it. The dossier on kleinezeitung.at was accessed about 11.000 times. Users were particularly interested in Nespresso’s recycling system: every other user scrolled to this part of the dossier.

Sponsored Content, Display and Facebook are the way to go – obviously

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1,33% click rate
285.000 users saw the facebook post
~11.000 times accessed the dossier

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