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De’Longhi: Deep fryers are so yesterday

De’Longhi: Deep fryers are so yesterday

How a product test resulted in testimonials and positive word of mouth for De'Longhi.

Reviews are a vital factor when making a purchase. Who would be more reliable or believable than someone who has already bought and used the product? Word of mouth from satisfied customers is what De’Longhi banked on with its campaign to promote the new MultiFry on wienerin.at.

MultiFry is a cross between a hot air fryer and a multi-use cooker, i.e. almost any dish can be prepared with it, whether it is frying French fries, baking cake, or cooking pilaf. The food is prepared with care and in a healthy manner, using only a modicum of oil. The flow of hot air heats the food evenly, thus considerably shortening cooking time in comparison to conventional cooking appliances.

What is the best way to explain the many functions of a versatile product such as this one, and how can the numerous advantages of a new product be credibly communicated to potential customers? These are the questions that needed to be answered to effectively advertise the MultiFry.


"The appliance is very practical and a great gadget if you want to eat healthy."

Astrid K.

The new MultiFry gets tested exclusively by readers of WIENERIN

For the promotion of the MultiFry, De’Longhi chose to advertise in WIENERIN including a product test. Readers of WIENERIN online and in print could exclusively test and then keep the MultiFry. The campaign was promoted using classic ads, sitelinks, and a print advertorial in WIENERIN, resulting in 498 applications for the product test out of which 10 testers were chosen. They filled out online questionnaires and reported on their experiences. A progress report was published in the print version of the magazine. The final results of the product test showed that 92% of testers were satisfied with the product; 90% liked the enclosed selection of recipes; and 100% of testers would recommend the De’Longhi MultiFry to friends and acquaintances. These results were published on wienerin.at as an advertorial and in print as a post-report.

„With the WIENERIN campaign we managed to pique curiosity for the MultiFry, and the testimonials and positive word of mouth helped us position our product as a healthy alternative. The authentic coverage on wienerin.at and in the print magazine, combined with classic online advertising on desktop and mobile garnered visible success within a short period of time.“

Marisa-Mercedes Moser, Marketing Manager De'Longhi

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