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APA-Campus: from experts for practitioners: How APA wins qualitative leads with content and performance marketing


APA-Campus: from experts for practitioners

How APA wins qualitative leads with content and performance marketing

Continuing education is a vital part of today’s working life without which professionals could not master the ever-changing demands placed on them, particularly by the development of new technologies. Skills learned at school or in practice constantly need to be refined and expanded. Thus, relevant training is in high demand.

The Austria Presse Agentur (Austrian Press Agency/APA) is Austria’s leading information service provider and shares its know-how in the guise of the APA-Campus. Its course catalog comprises seminars on journalism, communication, markets, and industries. APA invites top speakers, such as Fritz Jergitsch (Die Tagespresse), Corinna Milborn (Puls 4), or Johannes Kopf (AMS), to lecture on a range of topics, from infographics through PR for health-related topics to video-storytelling.

The challenge is to call attention to the course offerings and to gain qualitative leads in order to collect e-mail addresses from potential customers.


The cooperation with content and performance marketing specialists from sd one has shown what great results can be achieved by skillfully combining relevant content with high-quality data. One of our courses has already sold out for the next few years, prompting us to increase our course offerings. The campaign is a wonderful success, and we are already working on a sequel."

Barbara Rauchwarter, , Spokesperson, Head of Marketing and Communication APA – Austria Presse Agentur

Content and performance marketing? Yes, please!

The APA decided to go with a mix of content and performance marketing. Performance ads made Facebook and Google users aware of the course catalog; teaser ads for the courses ran in a display campaign (desktop and mobile) on diepresse.com and wirtschaftsblatt.at; and on pr-konkret.at, a previously initiated content marketing initiative, content ads were placed in appropriate environments.

The campaign thus managed to reach users in every phase of their decision-making process. Users happened to notice targeted ads on Facebook and got curious. Next, interested users would seek out informational articles via the display campaign in the sd one network and on pr-konkret.at respectively to find out more about courses. Finally, users were able to search for specific courses via Google.

The results are remarkable: the campaign has already helped generate 535 e-mail addresses out of the highly contested B2B segment, the better part of which due to performance ads on Facebook. Users coming from pr-konkret.at showed the highest conversion rate of all. This goes to show that content marketing works. And it works even better in combination with performance marketing.


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