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AFS: My other family


AFS: My other family

How sponsored content helps AFS reach new host families

Canada, Costa Rica, or how about Spain? Every year, 300 young Austrians between the ages of 15 and 18 years choose to spend some time abroad through AFS. By the same token, 150 host families welcome exchange students into their homes as true, if temporary, members of their households.

The benefits are obvious and range from intercultural exchange with people from around the world through acquisition of language skills to family support, to name but a few.

The challenge for AFS lies in informing even more families of these opportunities and in motivating them to become host families themselves. The goal is to increase the visibility of the program and to raise awareness for the many ways in which hosting a foreign exchange student will enrich the lives of host families.

In order to emphasize the pleasure that these communal experiences engender and to systematically address families, one of our editors wrote about her experience abroad for wienerin.at, also shared on their Facebook page. As a consequence, 50.000 views resulted in 550 users reading the report three times on average. This led to 91 new prospective customers for AFS who requested more information.


"The genuine report published as sponsored content at wienerin.at and on their Facebook page raised the visibility of our exchange program for host families and resulted in new prospective customers."


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