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Data-Driven Marketing


Data-driven marketing enables previously unused data and insights to be harnessed and incorporated into the marketing strategy.

Businesses have much more data than they are aware of. But how can you make it usable? A Data Management Platform (DMP) efficiently closes gaps between separate databases so that marketers can have a complete overview of the behaviour of their own target groups. For this purpose, defined data points are recorded, analyzed and processed.

The advantage: marketers can incorporate previously unused data and insights into their marketing, media and sales strategy. A holistic data strategy makes it possible to map customer-specific target groups digitally and to address them later with relevant, target group-appropriate advertising features, regardless of where the users are currently surfing.

At sd one we use data without direct personal reference. A comprehensive anonymisation procedure (hashing) is used for this purpose. Thanks to the technology used, we maintain complete data control together with our customers. The data remains with the data server and is protected against access.


11,5 m

Uniques / month in the sd one-DMP

+100 Audiences

standardized immediately available

Premium Publisher-Data


quality-assured, pseudonymised data of Austrian users

We support our customers in data-driven-marketing by:

  • Playing advertising messages to specific audiences within the sdo network
    – Customized Audiences
    – Lookalike Audiences
  • Playing advertising messages to specific audiences via programmatic advertising
    – in the sd one-universe
    – in the WWW
  • Workshops about data-driven marketing strategy

Interested? Contact our data management specialists Katja Greitner und Maresa Wolkenstein!

“Within a workshop, we develop a concrete action plan with our customers to implement an own data strategy. Customers benefit from exclusive state-of-the-art technology and our know-how in dealing with it. This way they can make their own data useable.”

Katja Greitner, Data Management Specialist

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