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Booking Terms


  • Frequency Capping: from FC3 free of charge, all other for an additional charge.
  • Streaming-surcharge: € 0,50 on the net/net CPM.
  • 100% Share-of-Voice will be charged at a premium of 100% on the gross CPM.
  • In case of exclusion of devices there will be a surcharge of € 10,- on the gross CPM.
  • If the maximum KB-size of the delivered advertising material does not meet our technical specifications, there will be an additional charge of € 1,- on the gross CPM.

Delivery of advertising material

Advertising material must be delivered by email to traffic@sdo.at

HTML5 advertising material must be delivered always together with a fallback.
Furthermore it must be ensured that built-in clicktags are compliant with the Austrian IAB guidelines.
To avoid unnecessary feedback loops, the creative agency should test the advertising material regarding functioning clicktags.


  • Minimum booking volume: € 1.500, – net / net, otherwise 15% surcharge for administration, management and reporting.
  • CPC-bookings are only possible in connection with CPM-bookings (total booking volume € 10.000,- net/net).
  • Production costs are not discountable.
  • Scattering of ad impressions for desktop and mobile ist done by sd one.
  • At the end of a campaign a reporting would be produced. Further reportings by agreement.

Lead Times

  • Lead times for standard display advertising material is 3 working days.
  • Lead times for special formats is 5 working days.
  • Lead times for native advertising formats (advertorials, advertorial-specials, content teaser) are minimum 5 working days.
  • Lead times for all other content marketing formats (sponsored post, special topics, dossiers,…) come to minimum 10 working days.


In case of cancellation a cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee is agreed as lump-sum compensation. Cancellation of dynamic campaigns up to 10 days before start is free of charge. If a campaign is booked as fixed placement, a cancellation free of charge is possible up to 20 days before campaign start. If these deadlines are missed, a cancellation fee of 50% of the undelivered campaign will be charged. Any cancellation after a campaign has already started will be charged with a 100% cancellation fee.


Unless otherwise agreed, the duration of all content marketing activities is 6 months. Subsequently all contents will be deactivated or removed from the carrier medium.


All rights including ownership of ideas, concepts and other content as well as all documentation therefor (collectively, the “Information”) are owned by styria digital one gmbh. Any other use, recycling (esp. dissemination, duplication, publication / public provision, transmission, processing, etc.), and disclosure of information than their own to third parties is prohibited and requires the prior written consent of styria digital one gmbh. Furthermore these informations are also perpetual business and trade secrets of styria digital one gmbh.

Feedback/ correction loops

A correction loop for each product is included. Any further correction loop will be charged depending on the time and effort involved.


Contens for Sponsored Content and content marketing are created by the (special-) editorial board. These are incumbent on the editorial authority and are the requirement for postings on social networks.
All outbound customer links on a carrier medium have the attribute “nofollow”.

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